The Children's Home Regulations (2015) require that a statement of purpose (SOP) that sets out the overall aims of the children’s home and the objectives for children who live there must be written. It is an  Ofsted requirement that an SOP is submitted as part of the application process. lThe aw sets out the information that the statement must contain in regulations; you can find these in schedule 1 of The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015.


This document is an actual SOP that meets the requirments of the regulations and can be submitted as part of your application, it is not a template or a guide but a complete document of over 9000 words which only requires slight additions to make it specific for your organisation.


You only need to add:

Your logo

Your homes ethos

Your homes address

Responsible Individuals Name

Registered Managers Name

Staff details


The rest has been written and has been done in a way geberic enough to apply to any home but also specific enough to meet the requirments of the regulations and Ofsted.

Statement of Purpose

  • Provided in MS Word to allow your changes to be made easily