Do you need more referrals but don't know how to get them? Have you been invited to submit a tender for a local authority framework but don't know where to start? We have experience of securing positions on many frameworks and in this document we provide model answers to the most typical questions use to evaluate children's residential providers in the procurement process, answers are provided to the following questions:


Method Statement Question 1

How will you recruit, develop and manage staff to enable them to secure excellent outcomes for the children and young people?


Method Statement Question 2

How will the service you provide be influenced and designed by children and young people?


Method Statement Question 3

How will you enable and support children placed with you to move on, either towards independence or into family settings?


Method Statement Question 4

How will you help children placed with you enjoy life and have fun?


Method Statement Question 5

How will you help children placed with you fulfil their potential?  Please include details of how you will support and manage children displaying risky and challenging behaviour.




Please prepare a 10 minute presentation geared to engaging a teenage audience of children looked after and care leavers. The presentation can be of any format except powerpoint. The topic of the presentation will be:


What do you consider are the most important values you should have as a residential provider? 

How do you ensure that children and young people are listened to and that their views are able to influence the quality and nature of the ‘care’ they receive?



Statement Question 7

How will you prevent placements from breaking down and if they do end prematurely, how will you ensure that the needs of the child or young person remain at the centre?


Method Statement Question 8

How will you ensure each child and young person placed through placement type Lots R2 and R3 will have regular access to the clinicians?


Method Statement Question 9

How will your education provision provide an excellent environment for quality, learning and achievement?


Method Statement Question 10

How will your organisation deliver formal parenting assessments for families placed with you? This should provide details of how you will engage with the families and how they are involved in the decision making process.


These questions and the responses given formed part of an actual framework procurement that was successfully won.

Local Authority Framework - Tender Response