After a few hours of searching and processing the information available online, your head will probably be spinning and it may seem that it is more trouble than it’s worth looking any longer! Never fear! Knowledge is Power and you have now found the key to the knowledge you desire. All of our courses have been designed by experts in their fields and are fully referenced and backed up by theory as well as giving practical tools that you can employ in your day to day or work life to achieve your goals. Our courses stand alone in giving you a full understanding of the subject area, however, they also contain links to further academic papers, books and websites that can further your reading and allow you to delve as deep into the subject as you desire, confident that what you are reading is relevant and respected academic work.

Your search stops here, you can be confident that you have found the right course and stop spending your time searching and researching courses and start spending your time doing what you started out to do, learning about your subject area!

Best Of Both

Our courses offer you the best of both worlds, the flexibility to complete your studies at your own pace and also the rigour of academic study and theoretical referencing. Our courses do not count towards credits for university; however, they are of a university standard and are equivalent to university modules. We do not offer tutor support, however, you will carry out our self-tests throughout your courses and complete an assignment at the end to consolidate your learning and ensure you retain as much as possible. You will also be sent the PDF’s and these are yours to keep and re-read again and again as often as you need. This approach allows us to keep costs low and offer you university level academic courses for a fraction of the price. You will be issued a certificate that you can use as evidence of your qualification and provide to prospective employers.


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Following the success of our How to Open a Children's Home Guide, we have been developing our offering in this area and are expanding the products on sale to further assist you with the development of your service.

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